Google Summer of Code

gsoc_logoThe STE||AR Group has proudly been selected to participate in the Google Summer of Code program (GSoC). For people unfamiliar with the program, Google pays students $5,000 to work on open source projects like HPX over the summer. Each year open source organizations like Mozilla, Tor, VLC, and many others submit applications to become mentoring organizations. If selected, students (undergraduate and graduate) from around the world are eligible to submit proposals to these organizations which describe the work that they plan to do over the three month time period. These proposals are reviewed by the organization and the best of these are selected.

Researchers at LSU have been mentoring students for several years now and we have had great success with our students. Several previous GSoC students have now become an integral apart of our team. Our students benefit, not only from the guidance provided mentors, but also from the global STE||AR Group community.

Why should you consider participating in GSoC this summer?

  • Get paid to work on a project of your interest!
  • Learn to work in open source communities
  • Grow your skills set with the support of a community of developers

If you are interested in learning more about Google Summer of Code please you can read more at their website here. The student application period runs from March 14-25th. Additionally, you can checkout the STE||AR Group’s Project Ideas page to see the projects that we have suggested student aim to accomplish. Finally, you can read about our previous year’s projects in GSoC 2015 or contact us at

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