HPX - High Performance ParalleX

Applying an Action Asynchronously without any Synchronization

This method ('fire and forget') will make sure the function associated with the action is scheduled to run on the target locality. Applying the action does not wait for the function to start running, instead it is a fully asynchronous operation. The following example shows how to apply the action as defined in the previous section on the local locality (the locality this code runs on):

some_global_action act;     // define an instance of some_global_action
hpx::apply(act, hpx::find_here(), 2.0);

(the function hpx::find_here() returns the id of the local locality, i.e. the locality this code executes on).

Any component member function can be invoked using the same syntactic construct. Given that id is the global address for a component instance created earlier, this invocation looks like:

some_component_action act;     // define an instance of some_component_action
hpx::apply(act, id, "42");

In this case any value returned from this action (e.g. in this case the integer 42) is ignored. Please look at Action Type Definition for the code defining the component action (some_component_action) used.