HPX - High Performance ParalleX



HPX_REGISTER_ACTION_DECLARATION — Declare the necessary component action boilerplate code. / / The macro HPX_REGISTER_ACTION_DECLARATION can be used to declare all the / boilerplate code which is required for proper functioning of component / actions in the context of HPX. / / The parameter action is the type of the action to declare the / boilerplate for. / / This macro can be invoked with an optional second parameter. This parameter / specifies a unique name of the action to be used for serialization purposes. / The second parameter has to be specified if the first parameter is not / usable as a plain (non-qualified) C++ identifier, i.e. the first parameter / contains special characters which cannot be part of a C++ identifier, such / as '<', '>', or ':'. / /.


// In header: <hpx/runtime/actions/basic_action.hpp>



/ / /

Example: / /


/ /

[Note] Note

This macro has to be used once for each of the component actions / defined using one of the HPX_DEFINE_COMPONENT_ACTION macros. It has to / be visible in all translation units using the action, thus it is / recommended to place it into the header file defining the component. #define HPX_REGISTER_ACTION_DECLARATION(...)