STORM Kickoff Meeting

The STORM project has been funded! This new project, which focuses on the revamp of ADCIRC, will be kicked off with a two-day meeting at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA.  At this meeting, all the participants of the project will gather to discuss the project plan and its subsequent execution. Details about the event such as the agenda, accommodations, location and slides from the event can be found below.


October 21- 22, 2014



 9:00- Overview of HPX
10:00- LSU’s Current and Future Work
11:00- Break
11:30- Discussion
12:30- Lunch
1:30- ND’s Current and Future Work
2:30- UT’s Current and Future Work
3:30- Break
4:00- Discussions
5:00- Break


 8:30- Sea Grant’s Contributions to STORM
9:30- UNC’s Current and Future Work
10:30- Break
11:00- Introduction to ASGS and CERA
12:00- Lunch
1:00- Discussion
2:00- Other Items
4:00- Conclusions



STORM Kickoff Meeting AgendaAgenda
HPXLSUHartmut KaiserAn introduction to HPX
HPX in LibGeoDecompFAUThomas HellerAn introduction to programming with LibGeoDecomp
ADCIRC-HPXLSUZach ByerlyThe proposed software stack for the STORM Project
Notre Dame Current and Future WorkNDJoannes WesterinkAn overview of the work being done at ND on DG methods
A Primer on DG Methods, and DG-SWEMUTCraig MichoskiAn overview of the work being done at UT on DG methods
Louisiana Sea Grant College Program at LSULSURobert TwilleyA presentation explaining the role of Sea Grant and the resources it provides
UNC's Current and Future WorkUNC, Seahorse Coastal ConsultingRick Luettich, Jason FlemingA presentation detailing forecasting challenges and the role of ASGS in automating ADCIRC runs
CERALSUCarola Kaiser An introduction on the CERA suite of tools




Staybridge Suites
4001 Nicholson Drive
Baton Rouge, LA  70808


Baton Rouge Airport:
Campus Bus System:
Campus Bus System Interactive Map:


For those of you visiting us for the first time the STE||AR Group is located in the newly constructed Digital Media Center:

340 East Parker Street
LSU Campus
Corner or East Parker and West Lakeshore Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Google Maps: here

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