HPX V0.8.1: Release Notes

File MD5 Hash
zip 353621c3868b945005109663d0c9a77f
gz 623109bc38724f145b18ddc484e4c0f6
bz2 629d28fadb15b71f3489dd72ce64a637
7z 8625c32dd8d9d101fb5e69062c24a91b

If you would like to access the code repository, please get in direct contact with us. Please refer to the file README.rst in the root directory inside the downloaded archives for more information about how to get started.

Bug reports on via email (gopx@cct.lsu.edu) are welcome. No further releases in
the 0.8.1 series are planned at this time but further point releases will be made if needed.

This is a point release including important bug fixes for V0.8.0.

General Changes

  • HPX does not need to be installed anymore to be functional.

Bug Fixes (Closed Tickets)

Here is a list of the important tickets we closed for this point release:

  • #295 – Don’t require install path to be known at compile time.
  • #371 – Add hpx iostreams to standard build.
  • #384 – Fix compilation with GCC 4.7.
  • #390 – Remove keep_factory_alive startup call from ShenEOS; add shutdown call to H5close.
  • #393 – Thread affinity control is broken.

Bug Fixes (Commits)

Here is a list of the important commits included in this point release:

  • r7642 – External: Fix backtrace memory violation.
  • r7775 – Components: Fix symbol visibility bug with component startup providers. This prevents one components providers from overriding another components.
  • r7778 – Components: Fix startup/shutdown provider shadowing issues.
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