HPX V0.7.0: Release Notes

File MD5 Hash
zip c3f4cc876e7523279299b90d28c8a04c
gz d14f766209ac8f5023f700a8c236bc57
bz2 f47bcbc207884685d7a09dec594a07fa
7z 8fa9164402a92c67334882dc58e7d8ba

If you would like to access the code repository, please get in direct contact with us. Please refer to the file README.rst in the root directory inside the downloaded archives for more information about how to get started.

Bug reports on via email (gopx@cct.lsu.edu) are welcome. No further releases in
the 0.7.0 series are planned at this time but point releases will be made if

We have had roughly 1000 commits since the last release, closed approximately
120 tickets (bugs, feature requests, etc.).

General Changes

  • Completely removed code related to deprecated AGAS V1, started to work on AGAS V2.1
  • Started to clean up and streamline the exposed APIs (see ‘API changes’ below for more details)
  • Revamped and unified performance counter framework, added a lot of new performance counter instances for monitoring of a diverse set of internal HPX parameters (queue lengths, access statistics, etc.
  • Improved general error handling and logging support
  • Fixed several race conditions, improved overall stability, decreased memory footprint, improved overall performance (major optimizations include native TLS support and ranged-based AGAS caching)
  • Added support for running HPX applications with PBS
  • Many updates to the build system, added support for gcc 4.5.x and 4.6.x,
    added C++11 support
  • Many updates to default command line options
  • Added many tests, set up buildbot for continuous integration testing
  • Better shutdown handling of distributed applications

Include Applications

  • quickstart/factorial and quickstart/fibonacci, future-recursive parallel algorithms
  • quickstart/hello_world, distributed hello world example
  • quickstart/rma, simple remote memory access example
  • quickstart/quicksort, parallel quicksort implementation
  • gtc, gyrokinetic torodial code
  • bfs, breadth-first-search, example code for a graph application
  • sheneos, partitioning of large data sets
  • accumulator, simple component example
  • balancing/os_thread_num, balancing/px_thread_phase, examples demonstrating load balancing and work stealing

API Changes:

  • Added hpx::find_all_localities
  • Added hpx::terminate for non-graceful termination of applications
  • Added hpx::lcos::async functions for simpler asynchronous programming
  • Added new AGAS interface for handling of symbolic namespace (hpx::agas::*)
  • Renamed hpx::components::wait to hpx::lcos::wait
  • Renamed hpx:: lcos::future_value to hpx::lcos::promise.
  • Renamed hpx::lcos::recursive_mutex to hpx::lcos::local_recursive_mutex,
    hpx::lcos::mutex to hpx::lcos::local_mutex
  • Removed support for Boost versions older than V1.38, recommended Boost
    version is now V1.47 and newer
  • Removed hpx::process
  • Removed non-functional LCO code (hpx::lcos::dataflow, hpx::lcos::thunk,
  • Removed deprecated hpx::naming::full_address

Binaries are not available at this time.

GCC 4.4.6, 4.5.3 and 4.6.2 on x86-64 Linux 2.6+ and MSVC 2010 on x86-64 Windows 7+ are supported.

All other platforms/compilers are unsupported (but may still work) at this time.

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