HPX V0.6.0: Release Notes

File MD5 Hash
zip d0e8a57156253c1ca36dc67b724b0b41
gz c424ac5dd6fe6c573b3a0244c66d82c6
bz2 2b963cef70484fd7ab96cb4d5e0afa34
7z d39a64066b6164d4a0332c3267620010

If you would like to access the code from SVN, please get in direct contact with us.

Bug reports on Trac (https://svn.cct.lsu.edu/trac/hpx/) or via email are welcome. No further releases in the 0.6.0 series are planned at this time but point releases will be made if needed.

The HPX trunk is unfrozen, until November, when the 0.7.0 release cycle begins (for more information on the 0.7.0 and 1.0.0 releases, see https://svn.cct.lsu.edu/trac/hpx/roadmap).

  • AGAS reimplemented on top of the Parcel transport layer (AGAS v2)
  • Default AGAS version is now 2
  • Support for distributed locality management has been added
  • Distributed logging is now fully functional
  • Distributed exception reporting is now fully functional
  • Shutdown issues are largely mitigated
  • Implementation of pxthread priority is complete
  • Default thread scheduler is now local_priority

Example applications include:

  • dataflow, an AMR demo
  • hplpx, LU decomposition of a matrix
  • accumulator, simple component example
  • balancing, load balancing demonstrations
  • queue, demo of the queue LCO
  • quickstart/factorial and quickstart/fibonacci, future-recursive parallel algorithms
  • quickstart/hello_world, distributed hello world example
  • quickstart/quicksort, parallel quicksort implementation
  • quickstart/timed_wake, pxthread timer demo
  • throttle, shepherd thread suspension.

GCC 4.4 on x86-64 Linux 2.6+ and MSVC 2010 on x86-64 Windows 7+ are supported. All other platforms/compilers are unsupported (but might still work) at this time.

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