The latest version of HPX can be found in our GitHub repository. The latest version of HPXPI can be found in its repository.

The releases of HPX and HPXPI can be downloaded from this page. In addition, HPX packages are available for select distributions. Select the version you want to download from the links below.

  • HPX V0.8.1: release notes
    File MD5 Hash
    zip 353621c3868b945005109663d0c9a77f
    gz 623109bc38724f145b18ddc484e4c0f6
    bz2 629d28fadb15b71f3489dd72ce64a637
    7z 8625c32dd8d9d101fb5e69062c24a91b
  • HPX V0.8.0: release notes
    File MD5 Hash
    zip 133f1aaee2755615b29790d7ade53daf
    gz 2ae2fa943334e04dedfda5e958cc2afb
    bz2 13ae5519991716ecf4e8518b0bcb54b4
    7z a877627985a93fc17ca159b7fb80eda4
  • HPX V0.7.0: release notes
    File MD5 Hash
    zip c3f4cc876e7523279299b90d28c8a04c
    gz d14f766209ac8f5023f700a8c236bc57
    bz2 f47bcbc207884685d7a09dec594a07fa
    7z 8fa9164402a92c67334882dc58e7d8ba
  • HPX V0.6.0: release notes
    File MD5 Hash
    zip d0e8a57156253c1ca36dc67b724b0b41
    gz c424ac5dd6fe6c573b3a0244c66d82c6
    bz2 2b963cef70484fd7ab96cb4d5e0afa34
    7z d39a64066b6164d4a0332c3267620010
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