GSoD Mid-term Update

By Rebecca Stobaugh

We’ve passed the halfway point for Google’s Season of Docs, and we’ve made great progress so far! My initial project proposal was to tackle three sections of the documentation, but, as of the time I write this, we’ve managed to work on ten different sections.

We’re also working on providing some general guidelines for standardizing the documentation, such as rules for when to include a hyperlink and pronoun usage. It’s not a very extensive list so far, but, hopefully, these guidelines will help give the documentation a cleaner, more cohesive look, and will help new contributors pick up the standard formatting more easily.

On a personal note, I’ve had a really positive experience working with the STE||AR Group thus far. I may be the official “technical writer,” but this project has been a group effort, which is likely the only reason we’ve been able to cover so much ground.  While I don’t foresee us covering all of the documentation, I think we’ll continue to make substantial progress before the end of the program. 

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