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HPX is making its Museum Debut!  A variation of the HPX + LibGeoDecomp demo, vanDouken  (Highly Parallel Interactive Image Flow), is being installed in an interactive museum exhibit designed to inspire 5th through 8th graders to become interested in the natural sciences and engineering.  This demo (which we originally wrote about here) allows users to insert “forces” on a particle in cell code by swiping a finger across a tablet which interfaces with the simulation.  This particular demonstration has been enhanced so that visitors will be able to not only interact with the image but will be able to change the settings of the force fields using a graphical programing environment.  The setup is being displayed at the Nuremberg Museum for Industrial Culture.  A video of the demonstration with the GUI can be seen here.  For more videos and information visit the vanDouken site at http://vandouken.github.io/

Pictured: The Demo installation

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