This year the STE||AR Group attended the annual C++Now conference in Aspen, Colorado.  Three members of the group gave talks at the conference, which is dedicated to the discussion, development and spread of C++ and Boost Libraries.  Hartmut Kaiser and Vinay Amatya presented “HPX: A C++ Standards Compliant Runtime System for Asynchronous Parallel and Distributed Computing”, while “Boost.Asio and Boost.Serialization: Design Patterns for Object Transmission” was presented by Bryce Adelstein-Lelbach.  In addition, we were able to send two students, Michael LeSane and Alexander Duchene, through the C++Now’s Student Volunteer Program.  This program waived the conference fee for select students that volunteered to help run the conference.  In addition, the LSU Center for Computation & Technology agreed to cover the room and board of these students.  “Volunteering at the 2013 C++ Now convention was a fantastic experience,” reported Alexander Duchene, “although the talks can be seen online, nothing can compare to being surrounded by over a hundred C++ enthusiasts.”

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