HPX V0.9.5 (RC1) Released

We are proud to announce the fifth formal release of HPX (V0.9.5). This release has been made possible by the hard, dedicated, and diligent work of everybody involved. This is a release candidate (RC1) for the actual release which is planned for mid January 2013. Please report any issues you encounter through our issue tracker.

HPX (High Performance ParalleX) is a general C++ runtime system for parallel and distributed applications of any scale. It is the first freely available, open source, feature-complete, modular, and performance oriented implementation of the ParalleX execution model. HPX is targeted at conventional architectures and, currently, Linux based systems, such as SMP nodes and conventional clusters. We invite everybody interested to participate in the discussions and the development of this rapidly evolving project.

Why is HPX is so special?

  • HPX exposes an uniform, standards-oriented API for ease of programming parallel and distributed applications.
  • It enables programmers to write fully asynchronous  code using hundreds of millions of threads.
  • HPX provides unified syntax and semantics for local and remote operations.
  • HPX makes concurrency manageable with dataflow and future based synchronization.
  • It implements a rich set of runtime services supporting a broad range of use cases.
  • It is designed to solve problems conventionally considered to be scaling-impaired.
  • HPX has been designed and developed for systems of any scale, from hand-held devices to very large scale systems.

We are very pleased with this release as it is continuing along the lines of code and API consolidation, and overall usability improvements. We dedicated much attention to performance and we were able to significantly speed up the threading and networking subsystems. Please see here for a list of changes and new features.

You can download the release files from the downloads page. The release notes can be found here. Please feel free to try the examples and let us know what you think. The best way to get in contact with us is to leave a comment on this page or to send a mail to gopx@cct.lsu.edu.

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About Hartmut Kaiser

Hartmut is an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Louisiana State University. At the same time, he holds the position of a senior scientist at the Center for Computation and Technology (LSU). He received his doctorate from the Technical University of Chemnitz (Germany) in 1988. He is probably best known through his involvement in open source software projects, mainly as the author of several C++ libraries he has contributed to Boost, which are in use by thousands of developers worldwide. His current research is focused on leading the STE||AR group at CCT working on the practical design and implementation of the ParalleX execution model and related programming methods. In addition, he architected and developed the core library modules of SAGA for C++, a Simple API for Grid Applications.

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