HPX at MeetingC++ 2012

Even though the Meeting C++ 2012 Conference happened almost two months ago now. I would still like to point out to this great conference. It was a great success, not only for HPX, but also the conference made a great debut. HPX was represented with one talk!

This talk will demonstrate the novel HPX runtime system and will talk about how current and future versions of C++ will benefit from the new ways of parallelism exposed by these approaches.

The HPX runtime system is a modular, feature-complete, and performance-oriented representation of the ParalleX execution model targeted at conventional parallel computing architectures such as SMP nodes and commodity clusters. As an alternative to MPI, HPX incorporates routines to manage lightweight user-threads in addition to providing an Active Global Address Space (AGAS). HPX is implemented in C++11 and utilizes over 20 Boost and candidate Boost libraries.

Links to videos and slides are available here

The audio is not the best quality. Enjoy!

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