HPX - High Performance ParalleX


How to Install HPX on Unix Variants

cd hpx
mkdir my_hpx_build
cd my_hpx_build
cmake -DBOOST_ROOT=/root/of/boost/installation \
      [other CMake variable definitions] \

for instance:

cmake -DBOOST_ROOT=~/packages/boost -DHWLOC=/packages/hwloc -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=~/packages/hpx ~/downloads/hpx_0.9.6
gmake -j4
[Caution] Caution

Compiling and linking HPX needs a considerable amount of memory. It is advisable that approximately 2 GB of memory per parallel process is available.

[Note] Note

Many Linux distributions use make as an alias for gmake

gmake install
[Important] Important

These commands will build and install the essential core components of HPX only. In order to build and run the tests, please invoke:

gmake tests

and in order to build (and install) all examples invoke:

gmake examples
gmake install

For more detailed information about using CMake please refer its documentation and also the section Building HPX with CMake. Please pay special attention to the section about HPX_MALLOC as this is crucial for getting decent performance.