HPX - High Performance ParalleX


How to Install HPX on BlueGene/Q

So far we only support BGClang for compiling HPX on the BlueGene/Q.

./configure \
  --host=powerpc64-bgq-linux \
  --prefix=$HOME/install/hwloc \
  --disable-shared \
  --enable-static \
  CPPFLAGS='-I/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor -I/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/spi/include/kernel/cnk/'
make install
# user-config.jam (put this file into your home directory)
using clang
  : bgclang++11

You can then use this as your build command:

./b2 --build-dir=/tmp/build-boost --layout=versioned toolset=clang -j12
git clone git://github.com/STEllAR-GROUP/hpx.git
cmake -DHPX_PLATFORM=BlueGeneQ \
        -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=bgclang++11 \
        -DMPI_CXX_COMPILER=mpiclang++11 \
        -DHWLOC_ROOT=/path/to/hwloc/installation \
        -DBOOST_ROOT=/path/to/boost \
        -DHPX_MALLOC=system \
make -j24
make install
This will build and install the essential core components of HPX only. Use:
make -j24 examples
make -j24 install
to build and install the examples.