HPX - High Performance ParalleX

Setting the memory Allocator

The following list is about the default memory allocator used by HPX. We currently support the regular system allocator, tcmalloc, jemalloc and tbbmalloc. The allocator is crucial in getting an application to scale with HPX. The default system allocator is usually a point of heavy contention due to syscalls and locks in the operating system. This can be avoided by using the above custom allocators. For using HPX on the Xeon Phi we only support system and tbbmalloc. tbbmalloc is part of the Intel Thread Building Blocks.

Affecting the default memory allocator


Set the memory allocator to use. Defaults to tcmalloc on regular systems and to tbbmalloc if HPX_NATIVE_MIC is set to On. If the specific memory allocator isn't found we silently fall back to the system allocator.

Locations for memory allocators


Specifies where to look at for tcmalloc


Specifies where to look at for jemalloc


Specifies where to look at for tbb. tbbmalloc is part of tbb