HPX - High Performance ParalleX

Frequently used HPX specific CMake Variables

Here are listed the most frequently used CMake variables specific to HPX, along with a brief explanation.

Frequently used __hpx__ specific CMake Variables


Build the HPX documentation if the documentation toolchain is available (default: OFF). For more information about how to set up the documentation tool chain please refer to the section Setting up the HPX Documentation Tool Chain.


HPX examples will be built (default: ON). To actually build the examples execute make examples.


HPX tests will be built (default: ON). To actually build the tests execute make tests.


Sets the debugging level for the HPX build system generation. Possible values are Error, Warn, Debug, and Info. The default is Warn.


Sets whether HPX should not support generating detailed logging output (default: OFF). Even if this is set to OFF (i.e. logging is supported) you need to enable logging when running any HPX application. Logging support introduces a minimal runtime overhead which usually can be ignored. This option removes runtime overhead but also disables the capability to extract detailed runtime error information.


Sets whether HPX should use C++11 support, if available (default: ON).


Sets whether HPX applications should support capturing stack back- traces (default: ON).


Sets whether HPX should use the native compiler support for thread local storage, if available (default: ON).


Sets whether HPX threads should maintain detailed debugging information like the parent thread id, the phase execution count, the thread description, and the LCO description (while the thread is suspended). The default value for this variable is OFF if CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release and ON otherwise.


Sets whether HPX can be used directly from the build directory. (default: OFF)


Build HPX to run natively on the Xeon Phi Coprocessor (default: OFF)