HPX - High Performance ParalleX


Basic CMake Usage

This section explains basic aspects of CMake, mostly for explaining those options which you may need on your day-to-day usage.

CMake comes with extensive documentation in the form of html files and on the cmake executable itself. Execute cmake --help for further help options.

CMake requires to know for which build tool it shall generate files (GNU make, Visual Studio, Xcode, etc). If not specified on the command line, it tries to guess it based on you environment. Once identified the build tool, CMake uses the corresponding Generator for creating files for your build tool. You can explicitly specify the generator with the command line option -G "Name of the generator". For knowing the available generators on your platform, execute:

$ cmake --help

This will list the generator names at the end of the help text. Generator names are case-sensitive. Example:

$ cmake -G "Visual Studio 9 2008" path/to/hpx

For a given development platform there can be more than one adequate generator. If you use Visual Studio "NMake Makefiles" is a generator you can use for building with NMake. By default, CMake chooses the more specific generator supported by your development environment. If you want an alternative generator, you must tell this to CMake with the -G option.