HPX V0.9.99

General Changes

As the version number of this release hints, we consider this release to be a preview for the upcoming HPX V1.0. All of the functionalities we set out to implement for V1.0 are in place; all of the features we wanted to have exposed are ready. We are very happy with the stability and performance of HPX and we would like to present this release to the community in order for us to gather broad feedback before releasing V1.0. We still expect for some minor details to change, but on the whole this release represents what we would like to have in a V1.0.

Overall, since the last release we have had almost 1600 commits while closing almost 400 tickets. These numbers reflect the incredible development activity we have seen over the last couple of months. We would like to express a big 'Thank you!' to all contributors and those who helped to make this release happen.

The most notable addition in terms of new functionality available with this release is the full implementation of object migration (i.e. the ability to transparently move HPX components to a different compute node). Additionally, this release of HPX cleans up many minor issues and some API inconsistencies.

Here are some of the main highlights and changes for this release (in no particular order):

Breaking Changes
Bug Fixes (Closed Tickets)

Here is a list of the important tickets we closed for this release.