HPXPI V0.1.0: Release Notes

We are proud to announce the first formal release of HPXPI (V0.1.0). HPXPI is the first fully functional implementation of the XPI specification. This release goes along with the next major release of the HPX runtime system (V0.9.8) which is used as the underlying implementation and which gives it a solid foundation ensuring high performance and wide portability. It is released as open source software under the Boost software license.

This release of this library implements almost all of the API functions mandated by the XPI specification. We will focus on implementing the remaining functionality over the next weeks, which will require additions to the underlying HPX runtime system.

You can download the release here or get HPXPI directly from GitHub. If you have suggestions, questions, or ideas we would love to hear from you. You can find us at our website, reach us at hpx-users@stellar.cct.lsu.edu, or chat with us live on IRC in the #ste||ar chat room on Freenode.

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