HPX at C++Now! 2012

C++Now! 2012 will start May 14th. Based on the successful traditions of 5 years of BoostCon, which was the main face-to-face event for all things C++ and Boost, this new conference will present leading speakers from the whole C++ community. The conference highlights the new state of C++ (from the new Standard), and the need to continually look to the future so the language remains useful to the C++ community. Its focus will be the new C++11 language Standard and as usual Boost: what’s new in C++, its Standard library, and in the Boost libraries, how to write and maintain them, how to evangelize or to deploy Boost within your organization. The new C++ Standard, but also the infrastructure and process of Boost, its vision and mission – no matter what you are interested in, it all comes together in the C++Now! sessions. In short, C++Now! promises to be one of the major events in 2012 when it comes to C++. Continue reading

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