The STE||AR Group is applying for GSoC 2014

“Provide students the opportunity to do work related to their academic pursuits (think “flip bits, not burgers”)” — What are the goals of GSoC?

Google Summer of Code 2014 is a unique program with the goal to fund Open Source Projects and give Students a possibility to gain real world programming experience with a small bonus of $5000!

The STE||AR group decided to apply again as a mentoring organization this year (after being denied last year 🙁 ). All interested students are welcome to submit proposals. For a list of ideas you can visit our GSoC 2014 Project Ideas wiki page. Find your match and discuss your ideas with us now!

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About Thomas Heller

Thomas is a researcher at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen. He works at the Computer Science Chair for Computer Architecture. His research deals with mapping an abstract formulation of a algorithms developed with the help of a C++ EDSL onto any given heterogeneous multi- and many-core architectures achieving optimal performance.

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