New Mailing Lists

All of our HPX mailing lists will be migrated to new mailing addresses. These mailing lists are the heart of the HPX community. You may read the lists via full-content email, email digests, or via newsgroup reader.

The hosting for the mailing lists is donated by the Center of Computation and Technology at Louisiana State University.

We created three new mailing lists:

HPX Users Mailing List

This list is oriented toward casual users of the HPX libraries. It is a good place to start if you are having trouble getting started with HPX. Feel free to post both “newbie” and more challenging questions. This list is relatively low volume. Subscribe or unsubscribe at the HPX Users list home page. To post to the list send mail to We will migrate all subscribers of the current GoPX mailing list to this new list.

Main HPX Mailing List

This is the main HPX mailing list. It has a higher volume, is very technical, and oriented toward HPX library developers. It is also read by many other members interested in watching the HPX library development process. Virtually all decisions, major or minor, technical or otherwise, are reached via public discussion on this mailing list. Subscribe or unsubscribe at the HPX list home page. To post to the list send mail to

HPX Github Commit Messages (read only)

The HPX Commits mailing list receives messages about commits to the HPX Github repository. All current subscribers of the px-commit mailing list will be migrated to this new list.

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About Hartmut Kaiser

Hartmut is an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Louisiana State University. At the same time, he holds the position of a senior scientist at the Center for Computation and Technology (LSU). He received his doctorate from the Technical University of Chemnitz (Germany) in 1988. He is probably best known through his involvement in open source software projects, mainly as the author of several C++ libraries he has contributed to Boost, which are in use by thousands of developers worldwide. His current research is focused on leading the STE||AR group at CCT working on the practical design and implementation of the ParalleX execution model and related programming methods. In addition, he architected and developed the core library modules of SAGA for C++, a Simple API for Grid Applications.

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