A Scalable Backend for True MMORPGs – HPX at GTC

Currently the GPU Technology conference is ongoing. Together with the HPX Backend for LibGeoDecomp Andreas Schäfer submitted a poster about a scalable MMORPG design which eventually will use HPX to make it scale. The title of the poster is A Scalable Backend for True MMORPGs.

Also, don’t miss Andreas’ talk S3299 – From Notebooks to Supercomputers: Tap the Full Potential of Your CUDA Resources with LibGeoDecomp on thursday in room 211A form 16:00 to 16:25 if you happen to attend the conference.

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Thomas is a researcher at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen. He works at the Computer Science Chair for Computer Architecture. His research deals with mapping an abstract formulation of a algorithms developed with the help of a C++ EDSL onto any given heterogeneous multi- and many-core architectures achieving optimal performance.

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