HPX at C++Now! 2012

C++Now! 2012 will start May 14th. Based on the successful traditions of 5 years of BoostCon, which was the main face-to-face event for all things C++ and Boost, this new conference will present leading speakers from the whole C++ community. The conference highlights the new state of C++ (from the new Standard), and the need to continually look to the future so the language remains useful to the C++ community. Its focus will be the new C++11 language Standard and as usual Boost: what’s new in C++, its Standard library, and in the Boost libraries, how to write and maintain them, how to evangelize or to deploy Boost within your organization. The new C++ Standard, but also the infrastructure and process of Boost, its vision and mission – no matter what you are interested in, it all comes together in the C++Now! sessions. In short, C++Now! promises to be one of the major events in 2012 when it comes to C++.

Members of our group will present HPX at this conference. This is no coincidence. We believe that the development of HPX is at the forefront of designing future parallel (and distributed) runtime environments for C++. In our session HPX: A C++11 parallel runtime system we plan to give an overview of our work, demonstrate the current state of HPX’s performance, how to write real applications using it, and how we plan to integrate it with the future development of C++ and its Standard library. I really hope to see you there!

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About Hartmut Kaiser

Hartmut is an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Louisiana State University. At the same time, he holds the position of a senior scientist at the Center for Computation and Technology (LSU). He received his doctorate from the Technical University of Chemnitz (Germany) in 1988. He is probably best known through his involvement in open source software projects, mainly as the author of several C++ libraries he has contributed to Boost, which are in use by thousands of developers worldwide. His current research is focused on leading the STE||AR group at CCT working on the practical design and implementation of the ParalleX execution model and related programming methods. In addition, he architected and developed the core library modules of SAGA for C++, a Simple API for Grid Applications.

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